Tryntje (Catherine) Jacobse 1621 to 1677



See also: Howard S.F. Randolph, “Tryntje Jacobs and Her Four Husbands: Van Winkle, Stoffelsen, Tades, and Steynmets”, New York Genealogical and Biographical Record vol.56 (1925): 56:245, 256.

Tryntje (Catherine) Jacobse was born in about 1620 probably in Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands. Her parents are not known.

Tryntje Jacobse married Jacob Walichsen van Winkle on 28 December 1642 in Hoorn, Netherlands.

Jacob, Tryntje, and their children came to New Netherland in about 1648.
The children Jacob and Tryntje were as follows:
• Marritje Jacobse van Wickle b. ca. 1643, d. before Dec 1702
• Grietje Jacobse van Winkle b. ca. 1645
• Walich Jacobsz van Winkle b. ca. 1647, d. between 1 Nov 1727 and 12 Sep 1729
• Jacob Jacobsz van Winkle b. 16 Oct 1650, d. between 19 Sep 1709 and 16 Oct 1732
• Simon Jacobsz van Winkle b. 24 Aug 1653, d. before 24 Feb 1732/33
• Annetje Jacobse van Winkle b. 2 Jan 1656

Jacob Walichsen van Winkle died in about 1657. After his death, on 16 October 1657 widow Tryntje Jacobse [van Winkle] petitioned for appointment of guardians for her minor children as was required before she could remarry. Michiel Jansen and P. L. van der Gift were appointed as guardians for the children.

Tryntje Jacobse was one of the first members of the Bergen Dutch Reformed Church in 1664. Tryntje Jacobse appeared in court for Jacob Stoffelsen on 06 June 1666 as he was too ill to attend. Jacob Stoffelsen’s and Tryntje Jacobse’s 01 Jan 1667 lease on the Ahasymus farm (called “Duke’s Farm” by the English) was confirmed to Tryntje Jacobse on 31 March 1668 after Jacob Stoffelsen’s death and this confirmation listed the farm as “between Communipaw and Kill van Kil”.

Widow Tryntje Jacobse married third on 08 June 1668 at the Bergen Dutch Reformed Church to Michiel Tadesen [van Yderstyne] and they lived at Ahasymus (Pavonia, now part of Bergen), New Jersey together until he died in 1670.

Widow Tryntje Jacobse married fourth on 15 March 1671 at the Bergen Dutch Reformed Church to Caspar Steynmets who brought 9 children including a one-year-old into this marriage. Their wedding was a double wedding with Tryntje Jacobse’s son Walich Jacobsen van Winkle as he married his stepsister Catharyna Michielse van Yderstyne. On 10 November 1677 Tryntje Jacobse’s title to 6 acres at Ahasymus, New Jersey where she gardened and kept her orchard were confirmed to her and to her heirs by Casper Steynmets.

Tryntje (Catherine) Jacobse died on 12 May 1677 in Bergen, New Jersey