Pieter van Marselis 1622 to 1682

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Pieter van Marselis was born at Leerdam in Utrecht. He represented Russia at the Court of Denmark and was elevated to the Danish nobility on September 17, 1643 and was granted a Coat of Arms.

Danish noblemen fled Hamburg to Amsterdam after the end of the 30 years’ war in 1648 which resulted in the Treaty of Westphalia, which gave Hamburg to Germany in return for Dutch independence. Pieter went to Beest, near the town of Buren in the province of Gelderland, Holland. Three of his four children were born in Beest.

Pieter found hard times in Holland and decided to emigrate to New Amsterdam on the ship “Beaver” arriving in New Amsterdam on May 9, 1661. The ship’s register shows that he paid 232 Florins, for passage of 8 persons: including himself, his wife, 4 children and 2 servants. He settled in Bergen, New Jersey and became a Shepen (Alderman) of Bergen County on Aug. 18, 1673.

Pieter died in Bergen on Sep. 4, 1682, after his wife died in 1680