Maycke Hendricksdr van den Burchgraeff 1602 to 1664

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Maycke Hendricksdr van der Burchgraeff was the daughter of Hendrick A. van der Burchgraeff and Annetje Janse. Maycke was born in 1602 at Laeckervelt, Vijfheerenlanden, Utrecht, Netherlands.

She married Cornelius Hendrick van Ness, son of Hendrick Gerritse van Ness and Gerritje (Unknown), on 31 July 1625 at Harvendijk, Zeeland, Netherlands.

Maycke died before 1664 at Rensselaerswyck.

She and Cornelius Hendrick van Ness immigrated in August 1641 to Rensselaerswyck, New Netherlands; probably came aboard the ship den Eyckenboon (“The Oak Tree”), which arrived at New Amsterdam in August 1641.

Maycke Hendricksdr van den Burchgraeff, the mother of this great family, should have further consideration. She contributed much to the family she helped to found. Among the Dutch of that time there were distinctions of station, and she ranked high. Many of the plain people carried no family name. With them, there was the coupling of the name of father and of the child, like Pieter Claesen, meaning Pieter, son of Claes. Others of higher social or property advantages carried a family name from one generation to another. Maycke Hendricksdr van den Burchgraeff was of this latter class.

Maycke was the daughter of Hendrick Adriense van der Burchgraeff of Laeckervelt, Holland. This surname indicates that this family was of high rank and some wealth. The will of Annetje Janse, widow of Hendrick Adriense, dwelling at Laeckervelt, divides her estate between her son and her daughter, Maycke, and provides that Maycke shall have the use of this estate during her lifetime, and that it shall then be divided among the six children of said Maycke, whom she names as follows
• Gerritie Cornelis, wife of Roeloff Cornelissen
• Hendricke Cornelis, wife of Jan Jensen van Dothout
• Hendrick
• Gerrit
• Jan
• Grietje Cornelis, wife of Pieter Claesen of Amersfoort, Long Island

Maycke died before her husband, but he carried out her wishes. Thus, Grietje Cornelis van Ness, when she married Pieter Claesen, brought to him wealth as well as rank. (Grietje outlived her husband, Pieter, who died in 1694. She died between 1699 and 1703, and was buried beside her husband in New Amersfoort (Flatlands), Long Island.)