Maritje Adriaense 1628 to 1702

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Maritje Adriaense was baptized on 16 April 1628 at Amsterdam, Netherlands.

She was the daughter of Adriaen Adriaensz (or perhaps Andries Jochemszen) (born 1592 in Delft, South Holland, Netherlands) and Tryntje Stevens (born 1593 in Münster, Westphalia, Prussia).

She married Thomas Fredricksen on 24 June 1649 in Amsterdam.

Thomas and Maritje immigrated to New Netherlands in about 1650 and moved to Bergen, New Jersey in 1661. Maritje Adriaense and Thomas Fredricksen made a joint will on 27 July 1678.

Maritje Adriaense was buried on 10 December 1702 in Bergen, New Jersey.

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