Joris Jansen van Hoorn 1638 to 1692

Joris Jansen van Hoorn was the son of immigrant ancestors Jan Cornellisen van Hoorn and Hillegond Joris. For information on his parents, please click on the Fan Chart to the left.


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Joris Jansen Van Hoorn was born about 1638 or 1639 in Hoorn, Noordt Holland, Netherlands. As was mentioned, he was the son of Jan Cornelisen van Hoorn and Hillegond Joris.

Joris came to America with his parents when he was about 6 years of age.

Joris Jansen Van Hoorn lived in the City of New York, but few authentic records can be identified as certainly relating to him.

His name appears in the Dutch Church baptismal register nine times (all without “Van Hoorn”), seven times as a father and twice as a witness.

Joris Janszen van Hoorn married Maria Rutgers with marriage banns dated 11 March 1666 at the Dutch Reformed Church in New York. Both were previously unmarried.

Apparently, Joris was a carpenter in New York.

Joris Janszen van Hoorn died after 1683 in New York, New York.