Jan Cornellisen van Hoorn 1611 to 1669

Abstracted from: https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/details/MJ4X-BS3

Also from: https://www.geni.com/people/Jan-Cornelisz-van-Hoorn/6000000003243025322

See also: George Olin Zabriskie, “The Jan Cornelisen van Hoorn / van Horne Family of New York and New Jersey”, The American Genealogist Vol. 46, pp. 47-57, 110-116, 170-177, 235-243; Vol. 47, pp. 50-55 (1970)

Jan Cornellisen van Hoorn was born in about 1611 in Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands, about 40 miles north of Amsterdam. His parents are unknown.

Jan Cornelliszen van Hoorn married Hillegond Joris on 06 Feb 1633 in Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands.

Jan immigrated to New Netherlands before 1645 with his wife and children.
Little can be said about Jan’s activities in New Amsterdam. His date of arrival is unknown. However, some information is known:

On 23 June 1645 he received land grants on the south side of Marketfield Street.

On 4 Oct 1647, he signed a power of attorney to Jan Jansszen of New Amsterdam to receive money due him in Amsterdam.

He was the third teacher at the public school of the Dutch Reformed Church in New Amsterdam, beginning his duties sometime in 1648 and resigning in November 1650.

He was granted small burgher rights on 14 April 1657.

He is shown in an undated entry on the membership list of the Dutch Reformed Church of New Amsterdam. The position of his name on this list may indicate that he joined the church as early as 1659. His wife, Hillegond Joris, joined the church on 2 July 1662.

Hillegond Joris and a Jan Corneliszen whom we may assume was her husband appear together in the church records on 12 July 1654.

On 20 April 1661 he bought a water mill from Abraham Pietersen, miller, located “on the fresh water” near present Foley Square.

In September 1664 Jan Cornelis van Hooren joined with other citizens [93 signers in all] of New Amsterdam and vicinity in asking Pieter Stuyvesant to surrender New Amsterdam (and thus, all of New Netherland) to the British without fighting to defend it. *

Jan last appears in the records of the Dutch Reformed Church on the baptismal register, 25 July 1666.

Jan died not long after that, for, with banns dated 16 June 1669, Hillegond Joris, as widow of Jan Corneliszen, married Mr. Evert Pietersen Keteltas, widower of Grietje Arents.

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