Hillegond Joris 1617 to 1683

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Hillegond Joris was born in about 1611 in Zwaag, Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands. Her parents are unknown.

Hillegond Joris married Jan Cornelliszen van Hoorn on 06 Feb 1633 in Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands.

Hillegond and Jan and their children emigrated to New Amsterdam sometime before 1645.

Hillegond appeared as a witness of the baptisms of numerous children, many of whom are of no traceable relationship to her, the first one on 27 Sept. 1643.

Hillegond was a midwife, and from 21 April 1655 was one of the official midwives of the city. She was recently called “the famous midwife”.

Jan Cornellisen van Hoorn died sometime after 1666. On 16 June 1669, Hillegond Joris, as widow of Jan Cornelliszen, married Mr. Evert Pietersen Keteltas, widower of Grietje Arents. Evert was a schoolteacher, and he and Hillegond lived in the old van Hoorn home on the south side of present Stone Street, between William and Broad Streets in about 1674 and in 1686. At this time both were shown as members of the Dutch Reformed Church.

On 7 March 1671 Evert Pietersen and wife Hillegond Joris asked the Court to “authorize some persons to compose, if possible, the differences arising between the above named Hillegond Joris and her children by a former marriage relative to their father’s property.” The difficulty must not have been serious or of long duration, for Hillegond continued to witness the baptisms of her grandchildren, the last time on 4 July 1683.