Gysbertie Lansing 1640 to 1695

Gysbertie Lansing was the daughter of immigrant ancestors Gerrit Frederickse Lansing and Elisabeth Hendrickse. For information on her parents, please click on the Fan Chart to the left.


Gysbertie Lansing was born in the Netherlands in before 1640.

Gysbertie came to New Netherland with her parents in about 1640. She was probably a young child at that time.

Gysbertie Lansing married Hendrick Janse Rooseboom in about 1664, probably in New York City.

The children of Gysbertie and Hendrick were as follows. All of the children were born in Albany except for the first, who was born in New York City:

• Gerrit Hendricks Roseboom 1666
• Elizabeth Hendrickse Roseboom 1669
• Margarita Hendrickse Roseboom 1670
• Johannes Hendricks Roseboom 1670
• Hendrick Hendricks Roseboom 1671
• Margarita Hendrickse Rooseboom 1674
• Elizabeth Hendrickse Roseboom 1676
• Myndert Hendricks Roseboom 1680

Some records show that Gysbertie was still living in Albany with her husband in 1697. However, other records indicate that her husband remarried in 1695. Thus, Gysbertie must have died in that time range, between 1695 and 1697.