Fytje Hartmann 1611 to 1697

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Fytje Hartmann’s (Fytje Hartmans Wessels) family was from Köln (Cologne), Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. She married Michael Jansen Vreeland in 1631. They came to America in 1638 on the ship Het Wapen Van Noorwegen (“The Arms of Norway”). [See her husband’s biography for more details.]

Following her husband’s death Fytje continued to live in New Jersey and joined the Bergen Dutch Reformed Church in 1664. In 1679 a Labadist (French Protestant) missionary, Catalyntje Trico, wrote about her saying “Our old woman at the house [in Brooklyn] told us of another good woman who lived at this place [Gemoenpa (Communipaw)], named Fytie, from Cologne, and recommended us to visit her, which we did as soon as we landed.” This confirms her German heritage.

A Hartman Wessels (likely her brother) resided in the New Amsterdam Colony and eventually purchased 15,000 acres in Passaic County.

Fytje died on 17 October 1697 in New Jersey.

Refer to the second reference for a detailed description of her funeral and for many other interesting facts about Fytje.