Derick Tunise van Vechten 1633 to 1702

Dirck Tunise van Vechten was the son of Tunis Dircksen van Vechten and Cornelia (maiden name unknown). For information on his parents, please click on the Fan Chart to the left.


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Dirck Tunise van Vechten was born on 17 February 1633 in Vechten, Utrecht, Netherlands. As was mentioned, he was the son of Tunis Dircksen van Vechten (1612-1700) and his wife Cornelia (maiden name unknown) (circa 1614-circa 1690).

Dirck Tunise van Vechten came to America at the age of 5 years in 1638 with his parents.

In December of 1659, in New York, Dirck married Jannetje Michielse Vreeland (1637-1714).

In about 1690, Dirck built the “Van Vechten House,” which still stands today. (see below) To quote a recent real estate listing, when the house came up for sale, “The Van Vechten house is one of the earliest surviving examples of pre-revolutionary Dutch houses in the entire Hudson Valley.”

Dirck Tunise van Vechten died in 1702 in Catskill, New York. Although no stone has been found, he was probably the first person buried in the Van Vechten Burying Ground, next to the landmark house he built in Catskill.