Cornelis Hendrickse van Ness 1602 to 1684


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Cornelius Hendrick van Ness was the son of Hendrick Gerritse van Ness and Gerritje (Unknown).

Cornelius Hendrick van Ness was born about 1602 at Nes, Island of Ameland, Friesland, Netherlands.

In 1625, Cornelius resided at Vianen on the Haverdijk River, South Holland, Netherlands.

He married Maycke Hendricksdr van der Burchgraeff, daughter of Hendrick A. van der Burchgraeff and Annetje Janse, on 31 July 1625 at Vianen, South Holland.

He and Maycke Hendricksdr van der Burchgraeff immigrated in August 1641 to Rensselaerswyck, New Netherlands; probably came aboard the ship den Eyckenboon (“The Oaktree”) which arrived at New Amsterdam in August 1641.

He is mentioned with Andries de Vos and Corneilis Segers van Egmont as being the principal farmers of Rensselaerswyck colony whose terms all other farmers must accept in 1643.

Cornelis, his wife, and their son-in-law, Peter Claes, had arguments with Director Brant Aertsz van Slichtenhorst of Rensselaerswyck. These arguments resulted in several lawsuits, and in 1648, van Ness was forced to apologize for the slanderous language he used against the Director.

On 25 August 1650 Cornelis van Ness leased for eight years a farm in Greenbush, Renssselaerswyck.

Cornelis Hendrickse van Ness was a brewer who was apparently a wealthy man. Cornelius Hendrick van Ness held the position of Counciler of Rensselaerswyck between 1652 and 1658. He was granted a patent for 50 morgens of land at Amersfoort (Flatlands, Long Island), where in 1664, his daughter Grietie and her husband, Peter Claes (later called Wyckoff) lived on 23 May 1659.

He was granted a patent of 21 morgens of land in Schenectady on 16 Jun 1664.

He left a will in 1677 at Schenectady, Schenectady County, New York.

Children of Cornelius Hendrick van Ness and Maycke Hendricksdr van der Burchgraeff:
• Gerritje Cornelise van Ness+ b. circa 1626, d. 10-Sep-1689
• Grietje Cornelise van Ness+ b. 1627, d. between 1699 and 1703
• Hendrick Cornelissen van Ness+ b. circa 1638, d. before 9-May-1717
• Hendrickje Cornelise van Ness b. 1640
• Gerrit Cornelissen van Ness b. circa 1645, d. before 10-Jun-1715
• Jan Cornelissen van Ness b. circa 1646

Cornelius Hendrick van Ness married Maritie Damen on 21 March 1664 at Rensselaerswyck, Rensselaer County, New York.

He and Maritie Damen resided at Schenectady, Schenectady County, New York, in 1677.

On 12 Nov 1684 the last record of Cornelis van Ness, he is referred to as “old Van Nes.”

Cornelius Hendrick van Ness died after 12 Nov 1684 in Rensselaerswyck Colony, Albany, NY.