Catrina Jochemse Wessels 1623 to 1703



Catharina (Tryntie) Jochemse Wessels was born in Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands in about 1623. She was the daughter of Jochem Wessels (a baker) and his wife Geertruy Hieronimus.

Catrina, at age 19 years, married Abraham Staats on 26 January 1642 in Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands.

Shortly after their marriage, Abraham and Catrina went to New Netherland.

The marriage produced at least seven children who established the Staats name in New Netherland and New York.

Her family was prominent in Beverwyck/Albany but also owned a family farm across the Hudson and south of the city.

Abraham Staats probably died after naming Tryntie as his heir in a will filed in April 1683. Although she was not included in either of the two Staats households listed on the city census of 1697, perhaps Tryntie was living on the family farm across the Hudson on Staats Island. Her Albany property in the First Ward was assessed substantially in 1702.

Tryntie and Abraham had the following children all of whom were born in Beverwyck/Albany and/or in the surrounding area:
• Jochem Staats (1643–1735)
• Sarah Staats (1645- )
• Catharina Staats (1647-1683)
• Isaac Staats (1648- )
• Jacob Staats (1650-1735)
• Colonel Joachim Abramse Staats (1653-1712)
• Dr. Samuel Staats (1657–1715)
• Elizabeth Staats (1659–1737), who married Johannes Wendell (1649–1692), and after his death, • • • Johannes Schuyler (1668–1747)
• Abraham Peter Staats (1665- ), who married Elsje Wendell

Tryntie Wessels Staats died in 1703 and was buried from the Albany Dutch church where she was a longtime member.