Aeltje Daniels 1655 to 1692


See also: Van Winkle, Daniel, A genealogy of the Van Winkle family: Account of its origin and settlement in this country with data, 1630-1913, Jersey City, N.J., 1913

Aeltje Daniels was christened on 21 Feb 1655 in Beverwyck, New Netherland. (Some accounts say in New Amsterdam.) Her parents are unknown. (Some accounts say her parents were Daniel Daniels and Grietie Claes.)

Aeltje married Jacob Jacobse van Winckel on 15 December at the 1675 Dutch Reformed Church in Bergen New Jersey.

The children of Aeltje and Jacob were as follows:

• Jacob Jacobse van Winckel, b. Sept. 19, 1676; m. Fritze Paulesse Mar. 26, 1703.
• Margueritje Jacobse van Winckel, b. Oct. 22, 1678; m. Abraham Vreeland Oct. 28, 1699.
• Daniel Jacobse van Winckel, b. July 28, 1681, d. 10 January 1757; m. Rachel Straatmacher May 15, 1707; and m. Jannetje Vreeland Sept. 3, 1709.
• Johannis Jacobse van Winckel, b. June 25, 1686; m. Seitze Hendrickse Banta April 19, 1712.
• Simeon Jacobse van Winckel, b. April 2, 1689, m. Jannetje Alger (wid.) Mary 27, 1710.

Aeltje Daniels died on 01 June 1692 in Bergen, New Jersey. She is buried in the Old Bergen Churchyard.